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Parsons Paris offers degree programs based on the American system of education, in which students who successfully complete four years of study receive a Bachelor's Degree. In addition to our degree programs we offer Certificate, Visiting Student/Exchange, and Summer programs. In all of these programs students earn "academic credit" for courses they successfully complete. Credit load is calculated based on the number of in-class hours and the amount of homework required.

For the degree programs credits are differentiated into: studio credits for classes that require the creation of artwork; departmental credits for courses that contain material relevant to a student's major; critical studies / art history credit for classes emphasizing the development of critical, analytical, and writing skills. Critical Studies comprise Art and Design History, Social Sciences, Cultural Studies, and English. In order to obtain the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) a student must complete 134 credits, including 92 departmental and 42 Critical Studies credits. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) requires 134 credits, including 79 departmental, 13 studio, and 42 Critical Studies credits.

All degree students must take a minimum of 12 Art History credits within their Critical Studies requirements.

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