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Parsons Paris offers an extraordinary Study Abroad program for college sophomores and juniors, or those with undergraduate degrees who wish to spend a semester or year experiencing the art, design, and culture of Paris. Studying full-time (minimum of 12 credits per semester), Visiting Students choose classes from the Parsons Paris departmental offerings as well as classes specifically developed for the Visiting Student community. Depending on what types of classes a student wishes to take at Parsons Paris, he/she selects to enter the Studio, Photography, Management of Design or Critical Studies Concentration.

Studio Concentration
Students investigate the medium or media of their choice and an individual's program could include classes from any and all majors, upon final approval of the Department Heads involved.

Photography Concentration
This concentration is for those who wish to explore primarily the medium of photography during their time at Parsons Paris.

Management of Design Concentration
Investigating the intersections between management and design, Management of Design students take courses primarily in the department of Design Management.

Critical Studies Concentration
Those interested in pursuing Critical Studies and Art History coursework apply for Critical Studies Concentration.

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