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The broadly interdisciplinary Critical Studies curriculum provides students with critical-historical perspectives on art and culture, and the research, writing and presentation skills essential to a well-rounded approach to art and design. It permits them to situate contemporary visual culture within its wider geographical and historical contexts, to investigate a range of issues that impact cultural production, and to discover resonances with their own practice.

The program consists of courses for the BFA and BBA degrees, which require 42 Critical Studies credits, a minimum 12 of which must be in art history. "Survey of World Art & Design” in the first year of studies serves as a key initiation to the historical examination and critical analysis of art and design across ages and cultures. Students learn to look at, contextualize, and interpret images and artifacts. "Critical Reading & Writing" emphasizes creative thinking and writing as tools for personal expression.

In addition to required courses, Art History and Critical Studies electives focus on specific aspects of cultural production and its uses, and enable students to sharpen their own critical and theoretical points of view. Social Science courses consider the complexities of social change, cultural diversity, and human thought. Students learn to exercise reason, to analyze and organize, form convincing arguments, and to speak and write logically.

Parsons Paris takes special advantage of its campus and location as the ideal environment for observing and exploring social and cultural difference. Visits to studios, museums, galleries and various cultural events expose students to historical and contemporary art and

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