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In this program students are simultaneously introduced to the management of design, the practice of design and the social role of design. They address the pre-eminent role design plays in contemporary consumer society through a hands-on approach that requires them to engage in the production of design, and through courses that address the complexity of managing that production. They are introduced to design’s multifaceted nature by being asked to explore, with the faculty, how they can manage design in order to create new value for business and society at large. They acquire the fundamentals of design and management in order to be able to identify and manage design that is functional, ergonomic, aesthetic and sustainable.


Students interested in pursuing a career in design management enter directly into the Design Management Program as freshmen. Entering freshmen must possess strong communication and analytical skills. No portfolio is required for entrance to this program. Students will receive a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, a recognized undergraduate degree within the business field, at completion of the four-year program in Paris.

Faculty within the Design Management program are professionals chosen for their expertise in their respective fields. While students learn about design and management in the classroom, they are also exposed to the professional world through guest speakers, company visits and field trips. Students may choose to specialize in European Design, Fashion Management, Communication & Advertising, and Design Marketing, or opt for a broader career approach.


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