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Communication designers give form to information in advertising, publishing and editorial design, corporate and exhibition design, websites, multimedia, environmental graphics, signs and maps, film and video. In all these fields, the need to clearly and succinctly inform, entertain and persuade remains a critical concern.

Studying communication design in Paris is a great opportunity to experience firsthand a new cultural perspective. For Communication Design majors, Paris also offers a world capital teeming with professional opportunities and a large community comprised of many of today’s best known graphic designers. At Parsons Paris, the comprehensive curriculum establishes a solid foundation in visual form and design principles, as well as addressing the methodologies and issues behind contemporary graphic design. Visits to Parisian art and design institutions like the Pompidou Center, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, and the Palais de Tokyo provide a wealth of opportunities to view European graphic design history up to the latest trends.


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