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The art and business of fashion give form and function to clothing, a basic human need, imbuing it with meaning in the ever-evolving language of style. The core of Parsons Paris’ curriculum is the designer critic program that emulates the workings of a professional design studio from conceptual drawing and pattern-making to the selection of colors, fabrics and the construction of finished garments. During three years of studio work, students acquire an understanding of tools, materials, construction techniques and textile design methods, enabling them to express their individual creative visions. Intensive concept and design courses, weekly critiques, working with industry professionals and the study of the Parisian prêt-à-porter helps students develop originality and acquire understanding of the marketplace. Beyond the school atelier, exposure to textile trade fairs, designer shows and museum exhibitions all foster a keen understanding of the European marketplace. Visiting critics help the students to understand design requirements and limitations of the various markets while company driven projects provide students with real world challenges faced in the business of style. Senior year culminates with the designer critic project in the first semester and the construction of a capsule collection in the second semester, all of which is presented in an annual fashion show attended by fashion professionals and the international press.


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