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More than forty countries are represented in the Parsons Paris student population, bringing to this small community a cultural diversity rare among art education institutions. This, combined with a location at the crossroads of Europe, makes studying at Parsons Paris a uniquely rich experience for young artists and designers. An elected student government brings issues before the school administration, and organizes social events that consolidate this closely knit community that serves as home base to so many of disparate origin. Student life is a blend of structured classes, studio time and extracurricular events including guest speakers, gallery openings, social gatherings and the discovery of the world beyond the walls of the school. During the term, excursions are organized to the nearby regions of Giverny or Champagne and beyond the borders of France to such cities such as Berlin, Geneva, London, Florence or Venice.

The Student Life Office helps students navigate the many aspects of life as temporary residents and lends a hand as they discover their new environment. Student Life organizes an orientation program that provides a week-long introduction to the French capital as well as an opportunity to meet fellow classmates, the faculty and staff who form the school community. Student Life staff help students obtain residence permits (cartes de séjour) and advise on such practical matters as banking, telephone and transportation systems, insurance and medical referrals. Student Life provides organizational support for the student government, on-campus internship program, social, cultural and special events. Counseling on any personal concerns arising during the school term is available on a confidential basis.

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