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To serve the greater Paris Community, Parsons Paris began a continuing education program in the fall of 1986. With evening classes designed for English-speaking adults, Parsons Paris is fulfilling its intention to provide the highest quality education in the visual arts to a wide range of people interested in art and design.

Please note that Continuing Education courses at Parsons Paris are offered on a strictly non-credit basis. Great emphasis is placed however, on maintaining a high level of instruction; the majority of the courses are staffed with instructors from the undergraduate program, to ensure the same teaching standards. With maximum class size varying from 10 to 14, instructors are able to give students individual attention.

The language of instruction for all continuing education courses is English; fluency, however is not required for these classes since they are visually oriented and our faculty are bilingual. French speaking or international students with good English comprehension are welcome to join our courses.

Please contact Carolina Spielmann for more information:
[email protected]

14 rue Letellier 75015 Paris France

+33(0)1 45 77 39 66

Fax: +33 (0)1 45 77 10 44

[email protected]

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